Why choose Mako?

  • Hosted on secure servers
  • Secure credit card processing
  • Ability to access your bookings anywhere you have internet or cellular access
  • Mobile friendly for smartphones and tablets
  • No more maintaining multiple books
  • Configure multiple types of reservations
  • Prevents incompatible reservations from being booked on the same day
  • Create fixed cost or variable cost based reservations
  • Ability to add a “convenience fee” for credit card charges
  • Receive immediate TXT notification of new reservations with the customer’s contact information
  • Receive a notification the day prior with the customer contact information and currently balance due
  • Reduce time required to return calls and respond to emails
  • Remove double bookings and no-shows
  • Increase your bookings and revenue
  • No more worrying about the customers not showing up and having to mark the day as a loss
  • The user interface has been simplified for each of use
  • Configured for ease of use on iPhone and Android.
  • Allow marinas to have access to make (but not cancel) reservations for you
  • Designed to support captains, marinas, and associations

Desktop, Tablet, and smartphone…

Below is the steps that your customer will use to reserve their reservation through Mako Reservations. Go to admin features to see how you can make reservations on your calendar.

Ease of use for your customers using their smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Quickly let customers and marinas see what is available.

Secure credit card processing.

Mako Reservations - Your Online Reservation System

Configurable to select available reservation type.

Adjust cost based on number of people on the charter. Or simply leave it at a flat rate. You decide!

Mako Reservations - Your Online Reservation System

Capture the customer’s demographics immediately to reach out if they don’t complete the reservation.

Mako Reservations - Your Online Reservation System

The customer can make immediate payment of their deposit to reserve their reservation with you.

Secure credit card processing!!!

Mako Reservations - Your Online Reservation System

Customer will see a receipt immediately after acceptance of their payment. They will also receive on email with a copy of the receipt for their records.

The captain will receive a txt message notifying him or her of the new reservation along with the customer’s name, phone number, reservation type, and the amount paid.

Mako Reservations - Your Online Reservation System