Follow the steps below to setup a shortcut on your iPhone or iPad screen.

Reach out to if you are having difficulty with setting up the shortcut below.

Step 1

Find and click the shortcut icon on the iPhone or iPad.

Step 2

Click the Create Shortcut… button

Step 3

Click on the Add Action

Step 4

Click on the Web icon

Step 5

Scroll down to the Open URLs (shown in the next image)

Click Open URLs

Step 6

Enter in the URL provided in your introductory email.

Step 7

Click Next.

Step 8

Enter a name for you shortcut. Let’s use Mako and then click Done.

Step 10

Click the three white dots in the upper right of the newly created shortcut.

Step 11

Click the share button.

Step 12

You might need to drag the popup screen up the page.

Click the Add to Home Screen.

Step 13

Click Add.

Step 14

You will find the icon on one of your screens.

You’re now done and ready to go. Simply clicking the shortcut will take you to the login page.